Explore and Assess Yourself

An important first step in career development is to take stock of your interests, skills, work style, and career goals.

  1. Reflect on your previous work experiences and your career goals:
    • Describe an accomplishment you are proud of: think about what you contributed, why you feel proud, and how you can build on this experience.
    • What have you valued about your previous work experiences?
    • What are your strengths?
    • What are your skills?
    • Which skills are transferable to other careers?
    • What interests you?
    • Where do your skills, strengths, and interests intersect?
    • What would you like to be doing in three years?


  2. Attend Introduction to Career Planning, a one-hour workshop through HR Learning & Development.

  4. Check out self-assessment tools and inventories. Consider using resources such as online tools, reading career development books, and meeting with a career counselor. Tools cannot tell you exactly what to do but taking the time to assess your interests, skills, and goals can help you prepare for and make successful career moves.

  6. Talk with your supervisor and review recent performance evaluations.

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